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Provence Diffuser

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These diffusers are created in Grasse, France. A medieval city with cobblestone streets in Provence, it is considered the perfume capital of the world. Fragrance making started 500 years ago in this region and continues today. Each candle comes with a ceramic tile and small spray of the candle oil perfume. Use to add fragrance to a drawer, powder room or closet.

Sur les Figuiers (On the Fig Trees): Find yourself transported to the gardens of Southern France where the sun warms the leaves on the trees, releasing their delicate perfume. A mix of fresh green notes, sap, and fruits.

Autour d' un thé au pamplemousse (Over a Grapefruit Tea): The smell of tea leaves intertwines with the fruity and zesty notes of grapefruit.

Sur les Îles Vanille (On the Vanilla Islands): In the heart of a garden where vanilla rests gently in the sun, scents of infusion, leather and spices wash over you.

Dans un jardin de Grasse (In A Garden of Grasse): Find yourself at dawn in the garden of a farmhouse in Grasse, in the French Provence, where flowers reveal their subtle fragrances. Roses, jasmin and olive trees come together in a delicate promenade. 

Sur les toits de Paris (On the Roofs of Paris): Stand on the roofs of Paris and look at the richness of the amber and powdery notes which recreate the beauty of a Parisian night. A zest of bergamot reminds one of the morning dew that beads on the rooftops.

Made in France. 200 mL

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