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Ballon Bath Salt

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Made of rock salt collected in an unexplored region surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. Contains herbs and aromas from all over the world. 

Preservative free, made of organic materials that are gentle on the skin.


POMELO: Bright and refreshing scent of lavender and grapefruit essential oil (Lavender / Grapefruit White)

SANCTUARY: A soothing scent like when meditating in a spiritual place (Frankincense / Lavender)

HERB FOREST: A clear scent reminiscent of a cottage herb garden (Lavender / Eucalyptus / Rosemary)

VERT COLLINE: A pure scent reminiscent of the green grasslands of Tuscany (Juniper / Ginger / Frankincense / Eucalyptus / Geranium)

BIBLIOTHEQUE: A quiet scent that leads to inspiration (Juniper / Lavender / Rosewood / Sandalwood)

KINMOKUSEI: Osmanthus fragrans, a flower that makes autumn in Japan nostalgic.



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